Woman in glasses virtual reality accidentally grabbed the dog booty to the top and caressed her

It is impossible to watch without laughing.

Жінка в окулярах віртуальної реальності випадково схопила собаку попою до верху і приголубила її

The virtual reality experience can be quite exciting, reports Rus.Media . So he turned to this woman who decided to reduce the intensity of the sensations, taking in the embrace of his dog. Only now she took it completely the wrong end.

Like many other people, for this woman virtual reality was a really exciting experience.

To calm her nerves, she reached for her dog.

However, virtual reality glasses prevented her from noticing that she took the dog completely the wrong end from which they would both like.

The dog’s position “booty to the top” did not stop her to pet her.

Despite the calm demeanour of the dog, the virtual reality experience her mistress was no less exciting.

Just look at those eyes.

It is impossible to watch without laughing

Now you know what it smells virtual reality.

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