Woke up covered in blood : Green Diesel from Grey told why he quit drinking

 Однажды проснулся весь в крови : Дизель из Green Grey рассказал, почему бросил пить

“One day I woke up covered in blood”: Diesel from Green Grey explained why he stopped drinking
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Photo: Irina Kushnir

Guitarist of the rock group stopped drinking alcoholic beverages in 30 years

25 Dec Diesel will be 50 years old. In edition “KP” guitarist of the Green Grey said that helps him keep in shape.

– First time eating at six o’clock, second time – nine, and the third at about midnight, says Diesel. – Fall asleep and Wake up completely full, I have a lot of energy. How to work on a full stomach? My life is no medicine. Given that I am a physician by training (obstetrician-gynecologist, -Ed), I realized that this field should not communicate (smiles). We Myricom did a good deed for mankind – we do not work physicians. For that should be born (laughs). Now there are good doctors, but there are, as we Myricom. I think that you need less to go to the experts, although in our country, recommended to all, as often as possible to refer to them.

In the 90s, Diesel was fond of drinking alcoholic beverages. But now he only drinks fresh wheat.

After concerts, we often booze. One day I woke up in bed covered in blood – says the musician. – I call the guys and say: “Diesel, you’re dead?” Then the rumor of my death has spread throughout the city. But I just landed badly, crumbled face. Then I realized that this is the end. I was about 30. Since I do not drink spirits, only wheat juice.

The full interview with Diesel engine is available on the website kp.ua in the near future.


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