'Without sir and miss': UK webinar on gender 'stereotypes' outrages teachers

 'No sir and miss': UK webinar on gender 'stereotypes' outrages teachers

British advises against 'gender stereotypes' in schools and tell the elders not "mr"

This is reported by The Daily Mail.

At a webinar funded by the National Education Union (NEU), the executive director of the charity Educate and Celebrate Dr. Ellie Barnes urged teachers to move towards a 'genderless model' in education.

According to The Telegraph, she believes that words such as “boy”, “girl”, “son” should be abandoned in schools. and “mother”, replacing them with “gender-neutral phrases”.

The webinar was called “How to Speak the Language Properly in 2022”. According to Barnes, the gender-free model has been a success in many of the schools her charity has worked with.

or “Miss”, which students often use when referring to teachers. One teacher called Barnes' webinar “propaganda for trans activists” that goes against Department of Education guidelines.

“Teachers will accept what this woman says as fact. They're trying to wipe us off the face of the earth by taking away our tongues, saying we should avoid words like mother and we're paying for it, – she was indignant.

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