“With the assistance of foreign intelligence.” Factory in Isfahan attacked by Kurds

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Iranian News Agency "Noor News" reported that the UAVs and munitions used in the Isfahan weapons plant attack were smuggled into Iran by “counter-revolutionary Kurdish groups based in Iraqi Kurdistan”.

According to the report, the groups were aided by foreign intelligence , which provided parts of the aircraft and, through a contact person, delivered them to the territory of the Islamic Republic. It was also reported that parts and materials were assembled in a workshop “well-equipped with qualified personnel.”

said from sources with knowledge of the details that “the attack on a military plant in Iran was carried out by Israeli drones, and that the plant was intended for the production of advanced weapons.” It was also reported that during the course of the attack, they managed to deliver accurate strikes in four different areas. According to satellite imagery from the area, it appears that although the Iranians described the damage, the mission was “successful.”

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