With a passenger on the back: see how the luxury Rolls-Royce overcomes the Nurburgring

З пасажиром на задньому ряду: дивіться, як люксовий Rolls-Royce долає Нюрбургринг

Rolls-Royce Ghost released 2009

Blogger Mike Sharun published on its YouTube channel a video with the arrival of the Rolls-Royce Ghost at the Nurburgring. Behind the wheel of the saloon sat another autoblogger – Fabian. He Sharon rode in the back seat of the car. On separate sections of the car have developed more than 180 kilometers per hour.

The current Rolls-Royce Ghost is available in 2009 on a separate Assembly line production facility in Goodwood.

And in this time the model has survived a number of updates that affected the appearance and technical stuffing: in 2014, the sedan received a version of the V-Specification with a more powerful engine, has undergone a “facelift” and upgrading of the interior. Along with the restyling in the list of options a “Ghost” introduces a set of Dynamic Driving Package, which includes new suspension settings and steering.

Note that the blogger in the back row feel as comfortable as possible. It’s not even Sagitova when cornering at high speed. In General, this Rolls-Royce would be perfect for motion sickness children. The cradle of his time produced Ford, so it’s time for the British to take up this craft.

The usual Rolls-Royce Ghost is equipped with a 6.6-liter twin-turbo V12 engine that produces 570 horsepower and 820 Nm of torque; a version of Ghost Black Badge is more powerful: 612 forces and 840 Nm of torque. For Ghost is only available vosmichastny automatic ZF with intelligent control of switches, Rolls-Royce Wraith sedan and the BMW 7 series.

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