Winter without injury: tips that will help stand on the ice

Зима без травм: советы, которые помогут устоять на льду

To keep balance on the ice is not easy, but our tips will help you avoid winter injuries

Winter gradually setting in, and cover the earth with a thin invisible ice. How to fall correctly so as not to injure yourself?

The Internet is full of tips: from how to RUB the soles of potatoes or hairspray for an hour before going, to stick to shoes the sponge or sandpaper. We have checked: lacquer and potato juice has feet still glide. Emery “tuning” helps long – it wears off quickly and looks unsightly.

Зима без травм: советы, которые помогут устоять на льду

To be able to walk on icy streets, experts recommend the well to lock the foot in the Shoe. If tight lacing or no locks, the space will narrow extra pair of socks.

But if you have a holiday and had to wear boots with heels, release your hands and wear bag on shoulder: it is easier to keep balance and reduce fall risk. But if you still lost balance and a fall is inevitable, remember a few important lipakov that will help you not get hurt.

Зима без травм: советы, которые помогут устоять на льду

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Wrong position of the hands when falling is the main cause of bruises, sprains and fractures. Therefore, do not expose straight arms forward and slightly bend them at the elbows.

When slippery, try to walk on bent legs. So the main impact will not on his knees, and the muscles.

If you slip and go back, don’t try to keep the torso vertically, otherwise it may be injured lower back to heal then it is very problematic.
Not to hurt your head, tilt it forward towards the chest. And don’t forget a hat – it will not only soften the blow, but also warm.

Зима без травм: советы, которые помогут устоять на льду

We will remind, not so terrible frost: what should I watch for in the winter to avoid colds and flu.

In most cases of SARS, however, as the flu begins with hypothermia. At low temperatures the body’s defenses are lower and changes in temperature increase the chances of viruses entering the body.

As reported Politeka, winter attacks: the strategy of survival with the least harm to the health

Also Politeka wrote that crude oil and iodine-containing products to maintain health in winter

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