Winnik was cloned on the Internet: can use cardni

Винника клонировали в интернете: может воспользоваться каждній

Ukrainian singer Oleg Vinnik turned into a mosaic of smiles after the Internet “worked” over the celebrity

Literally recently it became known that the American programmer and designer Eric Lewis has created a unique service with which you can convert any image into a mosaic of Emoji. This resource is called Emoji Mosaic, said “you”.

It is worth noting that Emoji Mosaic works on a very simple system. So, for each image the tool chooses a certain number of different Emoji in colors that will imitate the original.

Винника клонировали в интернете: может воспользоваться каждній

Processing of illustrations only takes a few seconds, and the result is pleasantly surprising. Best of all the service works with photos that have no small parts. On the website, you can try to handle not only your image, but, for example, the most famous painting in the world.

Also, the service has already created a popular singer Oleg winnick, portrait of Ukrainian poet Taras Shevchenko and the famous rapers Alain Savranenko (Alyona Alyona).

Note, the famous Ukrainian singer, the idol of millions, Oleg Vinnik, often indulges himself with new photos and video on his page in Instagram.

Recently, however, on the page of the singer rarely shows any updates. About a month, the singer almost never updates his page on the social network Instagram. Did not have time admirer of the singer to be upset about this, as the singer posted the unusual selfie.

Винника клонировали в интернете: может воспользоваться каждній

The published photo on the page of the singer on the social network Instagram, you may notice not only of Oleg winnick and his producer – Alexander Gorbenko, who is also his friend. The affair caused quite a stir among fans of the performer.

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“New R&B duet,” short signed their new the artist.

Recall that winnick was struck by his statement: “Without Kamenskih we are inadequate”.

As reported Politeka, Oleg Vinnik has done the fans a gorgeous gift.

Also Politeka wrote that winnick spoke about the presidential nomination: “promises to make the country happy.”

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