Winnick has released a new song “Natal Natal”

Винник выпустил новую песню "Наталя-Наталі"

The singer pleased fans with a new song.

Popular Ukrainian singer, composer, songwriter, and conqueror of female hearts, Oleg Vinnik, who previously boasted a muscular body, pleased fans with a new song, reports the with reference to

Premiere of the composition took place on may 28 on the YouTube channel of the musician. Fresh track of the singer called “Natal Natal”.

“The virtual world has replaced the real. Social networks have become an integral part of our reality. People go to extremes, transforming your life in endless pursuit of the huskies. The new song Oleg winnick raised the topic and recommend a good “cure” from Internet addiction,” — said in the caption to the video.

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Groupies winnik thanked him for the song and I need you to sing about Svetlana Snezhana, Tamara, Olga, Anna and Diana.

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