Windows 11 has a new handy indicator

 Windows 11 has a handy new indicator

Windows 11 has received a new, more convenient volume indicator. The feature was released in Windows 11 Test Build 22533 as part of the Windows Insider Program.

The black bar that appears when a user adjusts the system volume using the media keyboard or otherwise first debuted in Windows 8 in 2012 year. In the latest update, Microsoft is replacing it with a volume indicator that matches the overall design of Windows 11.

A new modern design will appear for the volume, brightness, camera privacy, camera on/off, and airplane mode indicators.

“These new pop-ups will appear when you press the volume or brightness keys on your laptop, and will take light/dark mode into account to provide a more consistent Windows experience,” said Amanda Langowsky, Microsoft Windows Insider CEO.< /p>

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