Windows 10 will be a function of the broadcast calls from your smartphone on your PC

The company Microsoft, which owns all rights and the development of the ecosystem Windows 10, have repeatedly shown their loyalty to the mobile market. Recently Microsoft had paid attention to the development of proprietary software for iOS and Android, finally giving those systems a possibility of close synchronization with PC via service “Your phone.” Now the company of bill gates decided to go much further, as there were hints of the ability to broadcast cellular calls from a mobile to a PC, which should appear in one of the Windows updates 10.

В Windows 10 появится функция трансляции звонков со смартфона на ПК

Insider information says that the new service will be called “Windows.CallingShellApp”, and will have the standard Metro applications in the system. To receive application must be in one of the next insider build of Windows 10 — 19H1. The leak is extremely vague and does not explain the mechanism of work of the future system synchronization, as its radius of action, quality of communication, conditions, constraints, and more. However, the potential availability of such applications will make Windows 10 with new update is very functional and universal system for all categories of users.

В Windows 10 появится функция трансляции звонков со смартфона на ПК

However, the date of appearance of this application is unknown, as do not know its exact purpose. It is likely that the insiders made a mistake in the interpretation “of Windows.CallingShellApp” can be banal system “find my phone”, or more mundane kind of synchronized mobile network with PC — displays a list of SMS user in the application. Microsoft has not responded to this leak of information.

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