Windows 10 is “moved” to the gadgets a number of faults: “getting worse”

Windows 10 «перенес» на гаджеты ряд неисправностей: «становится все хуже»

Microsoft disappoint of his new operating system upgrades to Windows 10

Microsoft has been producing operating systems from the same brand line for over 20 years. The latest among the OSes is Windows 10. The final stable build was released in the summer of 2015, and since the developers regularly release for her latest software in the form of small and large updates. However, unfortunately, this OS is doomed users to a terrible fate, and it was the fault of the leadership.

American Corporation Microsoft has stopped give Windows 10 a proper amount of attention, which leads to very big problems for many people.

Windows 10 «перенес» на гаджеты ряд неисправностей: «становится все хуже»

Though the yard is already and 2019, but the company can’t understand that for most people the PC is not a means for entertainment, but a working tool, the health of which depends on productivity and the ability to earn money. On the contrary, the developers are doing everything they can to make life difficult for users.

In the spring of last year, he released a major update right after installation, resulted in the eternal reboot of the operating system. The solution was to reinstall the OS, because the update process to Windows 10 somehow missed some important files, that is, to fix the computer without reinstalling basic software was simply impossible. The next major update came out last fall, and after its installation, many have discovered the theft of personal data.

Windows 10 «перенес» на гаджеты ряд неисправностей: «становится все хуже»

Later to find out that during the installation of updates on Windows 10 operating system somehow is trying to pass all personal details of the users in the OneDrive cloud and when she is not, she begins to selectively delete files.

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A lot of this was lost more than 500 GB of personal content, from photos and ending with valuable documents. All this happens despite the fact that Microsoft employees are testing each of the major updates for more than six months.

Everything points to the fact that Windows 10, due to the lack of the possibility to refuse the installation of the updates have caused users to constant bugs and problems with the apps.

Recall that Windows 10 has released a new update.

As reported Politeka, it became known that dangerous for your Windows PC.

Also Politeka wrote as a Google search will facilitate the user’s life.

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