“Window to life”

It has long been known that complex problems facing humanity lead to new breakthroughs and achievements. This happens in science, medicine, and the social sphere. The Crown Crisis brought considerable difficulties, but it also made us reconsider our attitude to life, come up with new working methods.

This is what we'll talk about today. A well-known organization in Israel and abroad “ Atid Bamidbar '' is engaged in community projects. One of which is Children of War – is aimed at preserving and disseminating knowledge about the heroism of Soviet Jews during the Second World War. The project carries out educational and educational work. Hundreds of teenagers studying this topic meet with elderly Russian-speaking Israelis. Before the pandemic, these were meetings of generations on Israeli holidays, the study of the personal stories of the “ children of war. '' Many of these stories were included in books of the same name in Russian and Hebrew.

But isolation and quarantines interfered with the normal course of the project and even corrected its name. Disagreeing with the situation that had arisen, they added another name to the project – Antivirus. And he began to live a new life.

More than 350 young guys and girls volunteered to support the elderly, to give them warmth and joy of communication.

In the process of this work, a new project was born – & ndash; 'Window to life'. Head of the club for seniors in matnas Kiryat Gata Rimma Vaisman and the head of the women's group Irina Penski decided to teach people aged 75+ how to use the ZOOM program.

 & quot; Window to life & quot;

This program made it possible to establish video communication between friends and colleagues, despite all restrictions and prohibitions. After some time, the number of participants in lectures at ZOOM increased to 100 people. Now seniors aged 75+ from Beer Sheva, Kiryat Gat, Netivot, Yeruham regularly attend virtual meetings to find new friends and communicate.

Zoom conferences have become a joyous experience for many seniors. After all, what seems self-evident to young people is not always so to older people. They take pride in having learned something new. And for both age groups it is a joy to learn. Indeed, in fact, they rarely meet for conversations.

This is how the connection between generations is restored, making the life of both brighter and richer.

It is not easy for people of this age to master technical innovations. Sometimes older people forget what they have already learned. Within the framework of the project, a special book-guide was published, reminding the order of actions.

The project continues to develop and grow, covering all new cities and people in Israel. And although there are no quarantines now, the problem of communication for the elderly is still extremely acute. That is why we are talking about the project. Perhaps you personally or the leaders of organizations will be interested in learning more about the experience of the Atid Bamidbar organization.

This activity became possible thanks to sponsors: the Genesis Foundation, the Yad Vashem Holocaust Memorial Complex. The EVZ and HJH Foundations.
The Jewish Agency Sohnut, The Los Angeles Jewish Community Foundation. Project Director Irena Kudman expresses gratitude to partners, team, volunteers: schoolchildren and students who give their strength, talent and warmth to those who need it.

For those interested: link to the page of the project “ Children of War -Antivirus & raquo; on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Israelwetogether

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