Will the quarantine for visitors from abroad be canceled?

Will the quarantine for visitors from abroad be canceled?

Health Minister Nitzan Horowitz and ministry officials are pushing forward a new plan to reduce or eliminate isolation from isolation for those returning from Orange countries.

This is due to the decision on a new isolation policy.

In accordance with the new isolation policy, a vaccinated person who has been in contact with an infected person will have to undergo a PCR test and wait for a negative answer.

It was also decided that vaccinated 5-year-olds who had contact with confirmed infected people would be isolated for 10 days, even if the PCR test results were negative.

After discussion with representatives of the Ministry of Health and senior aviation industry officials yesterday Co. The Ministry of Health's State Classification Committee has recommended that the list of “ red countries '' has been reduced to 15. The rest of the countries will be categorized as “orange”.

“Red countries” will include the United Arab Emirates, USA, France, UK, Switzerland, Mexico, South Africa, Ethiopia, Tanzania, Nigeria, Hungary, Spain, Portugal, Turkey and Canada.
Israelis wishing to enter these countries will need to obtain approval by the Committee on Exceptions.

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