Wild South: Driver single-handedly pursued hijackers of his jeep

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 Wild South: Driver single-handedly pursued jeep thieves

Israel TV Channel 12 publishes a story about a driver who was forced to fight his own car thieves after he didn't get help from the police.
< br /> Dror Greenberg's luxury jeep worth NIS 350,000 was stolen from his home in Beersheba. After they found out about the theft and called the police, he and his relative waited in vain for the police to arrive.

The police were called to the scene, but simply did not come, and Dror Grinberg went to search alone.

Dror called his relative, who owns an ordinary civilian drone. A short time later, the jeep was discovered in a Bedouin village near Nevatim. "Company "Ituran" promised us that the Israeli police would escort us, since this is … let's say, not one of the pleasant areas, this is not the Tel Aviv port. It's a pretty scary area at night and we need some kind of force that will really protect us so we can take back our property,” Dror says.

He and Ituran's representative arrived at the meeting point where they were supposed to meet with the police, but the police did not show up. “As soon as we arrived, the Israel Police announced that they had no intention of joining us, and that we had to make the whole trip ourselves,” he said.

They arrived at four o'clock in the morning, after several hours spent in the desert, traveling between Bedouin camps. The car was located between the sheepfolds, and pelted with blankets and boards. Dror made his way back home in a badly damaged jeep alone, with great disappointment: “It's all taken apart, I'm sorry we took it.”

“It was a terrible experience, a dangerous experience, I, of course I studied Krav Maga 18 years ago, but I'm not sure if it would be enough if I met bandits. I'm sorry that the Israel Police left us to our fate to recover the property ourselves.”

The Israel Police commented, “The police are fighting resolutely and uncompromisingly against serious crime in the area. And in this case, the search for suspects was carried out and an investigation was launched, which continues these days."

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