'Wild Sex' Case Rocks Israel's Top Business

The wild sex case shocked the Israeli top business /> </p>
<p> Investigation of a case on charges of a series of serious sexual crimes of a famous Israeli businessman, owner of the Beitar football club Moshe Hogeg sparked a massive scandal that shook the top of the Israeli business world. </p>
<p> At the center of the scandal is the & ldquo; wild sex apartment & rdquo; in which Moshe Hogeg and his comrades indulged in amorous pleasures. </p>
<p> According to the 13th Israeli TV channel, the police have at their disposal a list of 51 men, including the most famous Israeli businessmen, who have visited the apartment. According to journalists, “ it is impossible to describe what happened in this apartment. '' </p>
<p> Some of the people from the above-mentioned list have already been interrogated, some will be interrogated in the near future. </p>
<p> In the apartment & ldquo; ; worked & rdquo; 10 girls who were visited by the men mentioned. Part of what happened in the apartment was filmed. Among the girls, there is one minor who was filmed during sexual intercourse. </p>
<p> The mentioned people from the list are suspected of the following crimes: sodomy, obscene acts, human trafficking, organizing a brothel, forced prostitution, sexual harassment and violation of secrecy private life. </p>
<p> Women from a modeling agency worked in the apartment, one of the models at that time was 17 years old. </p>
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