Wild hunger and itching are saying about diabetes

Дикий голод и зуд  говорят о сахарном диабете

Diabetes is very dangerous but can hide behind the harmless symptoms — do not ignore your health

Diabetes mellitus is a widespread disease, it affects about 6% of the world population. The doctors claim that this is approximate data and not all the people go to the doctor when the first signs of the disease.

In this case we are talking about type II diabetes, in which insulin continues to be produced by cells of the pancreas, however, the “works” he is wrong. Type II diabetes is most common and develops mainly in people of Mature age. What symptoms should alert you?

Дикий голод и зуд  говорят о сахарном диабете


Дикий голод и зуд  говорят о сахарном диабете

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The constant feeling of hunger and appetite caused by the fact that the body continues to produce insulin but does not use it to extract energy from glucose. Elevated levels of insulin “demands” of new portions of food, and people eating, not drinking. Glucose is not absorbed and is deposited in reserve in the form of fat or excreted along with the urine. And people have to Wake up even at night to go to the toilet.


Frequent urination increases dehydration, which increases the feeling of thirst, which is accompanied by a constant dry mouth.


Diabetes disrupted nerve endings, resulting in the person to feel tingling in the fingers or feet, or even numbness. Due to the disruption of nerves and blood vessels also slows down the healing of wounds.


Another alarming symptom is dry skin and itching, including in the area of the genitals.

The mist in the eyes

At the initial stage of vision occurs when the rise in blood sugar and is perceived as a “mist” or “white shroud” in front of the eyes. If left unchecked diabetes and do not treat it in later stages blindness may develop.

Дикий голод и зуд  говорят о сахарном диабете

If you experience at least one symptom, contact your physician to pass the required tests.

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