Wikipedia reveals shadow editors working for Russian propaganda

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Wikipedia reveals shadow editors working for Russian propaganda

Researchers from two UK think tanks — The Institute for Strategic Dialogue (ISD) and the Center for the Analysis of Social Networks (CASM) presented a report on the assessment of modern methods for finding disinformation on Wikipedia. He points to “suspicious edits” made to influence public opinion about Russia's war in Ukraine.

The researchers analyzed the activities of 86 editors previously banned for various violations of Wikipedia's code of ethics and found that these people constantly added links to Russian state media to their publications.

Let us remind you that Russian state propaganda, on which the Kremlin spends billions of rubles every year, has begun to falter. The main federal channels of the Russian Federation, where Russians are told about “Nazis in Ukraine”, a strong Russian economy and possible nuclear strikes on Europe, began to rapidly lose their audience. Russians are increasingly turning to instant messengers in search of alternative information. The decline in the audience of state media has already reached 25%.

Runiversalis website launched in Russia — analogue of “Wikipedia”, but promoting the fakes of the Kremlin about the “special military operation” in Ukraine. All articles on the site have passed state censorship and correspond to the “official versions” leadership of the Russian Federation.

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