Wikipedia erased the article about Barel Shmueli

Wikipedia deleted the article about Barela Shmueli

Wikipedia erased the article & ldquo; Death of Barel Hadariya Shmueli & rdquo; about an Israeli soldier killed on the Gaza border by a terrorist last August.

The decision to remove the article was taken by a majority of 47 “ influential editors of the Jewish version of Wikipedia '' against 35 who spoke out in favor of keeping the article.

The article was originally deleted on December 18, a week after it was published.

Opponents of the article substantiated their position as follows: & ldquo; Wikipedia is an encyclopedia, not a memory site. This distinction is very important. It is impossible to write about every soldier or civilian killed in any given operation. Leaving this article means offending all those about whom articles have not been written. '' The majority of those who voted to delete the article stated. that “ Wikipedia should not be allowed to be dragged into conflict. ''

Barel's sister, Hila Rahimi, said: “I used to think it wouldn't hurt anymore. But today I was shocked to learn that they removed an article about him from Wikipedia. Can you figure it out? Hero of Israel, who gave everything for the sake of the country. Now they are trying to erase the very memory of him. This is a spit in our faces all & rdquo;

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