Wife tied her husband naked to a tree in the square: “I wanted to save the marriage”

Жена привязала голого мужа к дереву на площади: "хотела спасти брак"

Chinese girl from Guizhou province was tied to a tree her husband

About it writes the edition “Hyser”.

She caught him cheating and caught with his mistress.

Жена привязала голого мужа к дереву на площади: "хотела спасти брак"

A deceived husband forced the couple to go to the square, where he carried out his plan of revenge. Both the traitor was standing in front of the crowd half-naked. Video from this incident was immediately spread on all social networks.

Later, the police noted that the woman took such “drastic measures” to save the family after the “emotional argument”. Of any arrests are not reported.Жена привязала голого мужа к дереву на площади: "хотела спасти брак"

Earlier it was reported that angry husband section woman naked and forced her to walk down the street like this.

The incident occurred in the Zaporozhye region, in the village of Chernigovka. It is known that the man was angry at his wife because of excessive alcohol consumption. Eyewitnesses reported that he ripped all her clothes off on the street. Nude husband forced the woman to walk about 200 meters. “According to the participants of the event, the defendant, while in a public place, hands ripped on it all the clothes, thereby fully exposing her. Then, expressing clear disrespect for society and the norms of generally accepted behavior, defiantly held his wife, completely naked, down the street at a distance of about 200 metres, to his court, while loudly shouted and drew the attention of the residents of Pervomayskaya street”, — is written in the Registry of judgments.

For this man was sentenced to two years of imprisonment conditionally. The attacker was found guilty under article 296 of the criminal code , Hooliganism. At trial, the man repented and begged not to be punished too hard.

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In addition, recall that in Zaporozhye the vocational student was severely beaten classmate. The incident occurred in the school №31 that Hortitsky area of the city.

Yet it was reported that in the State statistics service reported that in December 2018, the official unemployment rate rose by 0.1 percentage points to 1.3%.

In addition, the publication Politeka wrote that in one of the schools of the Kharkov region Teens brutally attacked a schoolgirl, resulting in her had to be hospitalized. This is stated in the message of the Center of emergency medical aid and disaster medicine.

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