Wick Smouha tried on a jumpsuit with a daring neckline

Вика Смеюха примерила комбинезон со смелым вырезом

Vick also showed a photo with my sister.

Wick Smouha gave his fans a real gift by posting several pics of various informovali. Note that in the last time, she became much less active in their social networks, which of course noticed her followers. The lead singer of pop group Neangely hastened to reassure fans – the singer just took a small break from everything, including social networks, reports the Chronicle.info with reference to RBC.

And here, the Ukrainian performer is actively repairing the omission. So, last night she managed to do several things: to see my sister, walk to Kiev and to “test” the new pedestrian bridge (connects the Vladimir hill and kreschaty Park), attend the premiere of “Rocketmen”, and also to show fans a new and exciting way.

Вика Смеюха примерила комбинезон со смелым вырезом

First we note that wick Smouha met his older sister Ulyanov. Girls, incidentally, are very similar, despite the fact that Vika – brunette and her sister is blonde. Smile at them – just a copy!

On one of the photos of cute girls posing together, Vika hugged her sister. By the way, they pose at the new pedestrian bridge in Kiev, which was opened on may 25, the day Ukrainian capital.

Вика Смеюха примерила комбинезон со смелым вырезом

“It’s very cool when a city develops and offers something new! Came my sister, and we decided to visit the Bicycle-pedestrian bridge between Vladimir hill and the arch of Friendship of peoples. Kiev was already? What are your impressions? And guests of the capital recommend to go,” the informative informed fans wick Smouha.

After a walk, Vika and sister went to the premiere of the acclaimed film “Rocketman” kinesiograph the legendary Elton John.

And of course, not without a “traditional” snapshot – in the new and stylish way. So, for a busy day she chose a fitted jumpsuit in a black-and-white stripes. Note that this element of the wardrobe of the season spring-summer 2019.

Вика Смеюха примерила комбинезон со смелым вырезом

Jumpsuit perfectly emphasizes the athletic figure Smeyuhi: belt visually reduces the waist, stripes are also slimming. Special attention, of course, attracted to the lush décolleté. The image of the singer complete the simple decoration, a small shoulder bag and a simple hairstyle.

“Before you ask a question, think whether you are ready to get an answer,” the mysterious signed the Smouha.

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Fans of Vicki hurried to leave their rave reviews under her new photos.

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