Why Zavorotnyuk survived all the doctors' forecasts: an oncologist's answer

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 Why Zavorotnyuk survived all the doctors' predictions: an oncologist's answer

Russian actress Anastasia Zavorotnyuk, discharged from the hospital, crossed the four-year milestone in the fight against glioblastoma, contrary to the forecasts of doctors who report that, according to statistics, patients with this diagnosis live no more than two years.

According to Woman.ru, the methods of combating oncology have advanced greatly in recent years. Oncologist, Candidate of Medical Sciences Evgeny Cheremushkin explained what determines life expectancy and the success of therapy.

“The life expectancy of a patient depends on two factors: how early he went to the hospital and how well the treatment was carried out. The sooner you get to the doctors, the better the prognosis. The later— the more metastases. They can penetrate the lymph nodes, settle in the organs. Having any malignant tumor at any stage, one cannot guarantee that there are no metastases, ",— Cheryomushkin explained.

According to him, the patient's life depends on the rate of cell division, which is another factor affecting life expectancy.

“Another factor affecting life expectancy,— how the neoplasm responds to therapy. If there is a response to drugs, surgery, then the process is inhibited. But the operation is always limited by the possibilities of localization, and the treatment cannot always give the desired strong effect, ",— the doctor explained.

“As for Anastasia, there is no information about her and questions about her should be asked to the attending physicians. One thing can be said: if the treatment is adequate, the tumor responds, then people can live a long time. The brain is a complex structure. There is limited manipulation. And there remains only drug and combination therapy. This can last for years if the body doesn't give up, — the oncologist continued.

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