Why z gene hands seems to taste better

Чому з'їджене руками здається смачнішим

Eating with your hands is fine
/ sciencedaily

Experts have discovered that the process of eating becomes more enjoyable if products while taking hands.

This is especially true for people who regularly monitor the quantity and quality of food eaten.

The study’s author, psychologist and marketing expert adriana Madjarov said that touching food with your hands makes the person to eat more and to feel more pleasure from food. The experiment involved 45 students who were asked to evaluate the freshness, texture and taste of the cheese münster, as well as answer a few questions about eating behavior. While some volunteers took cheese hands, while others used the skewer.

In the second experiment, volunteers (145) were divided into two groups. The first group was asked to imagine that they decided to more carefully monitor your diet and reduce the excessive consumption of food. The second group, on the contrary, was to present that has ceased to care about the consequences neparkovat in food. All participants were handing out plastic cups with four mini-donuts. As in the previous experiment, the participants were asked to visually inspect and assess the food. And this time it turned out that are set to self-control participants in higher priced food, if you touched her hands.

Чому з'їджене руками здається смачнішим

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