Why you should not sneeze with his nose closed

Чому не варто чхати з закритим носом

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It turns out that sneezing with a closed mouth and nose, as required by etiquette when out in public, was dangerous.

Doctors in one voice declare, that the irresistible desire to sneeze can arise not only from cold but also from the bright light that irritates the retina of the eye.

According to doctors, during allergies or colds, sneezing should be “in full force”, do not hesitate to others, because the infection that lives in the body cannot be kept by force, when she “asks” out.

In addition, with constant sneezing with a closed mouth and nose have a problem with his ears. Inflammation of the auditory tube, that is, stageit may be because of the mucus that has accumulated inside the body have nowhere to go, and he gets into the auditory tube connects the nasopharynx with the organ of hearing. Also when sneezing with a closed mouth germs who are seeking “freedom” can get into the maxillary sinus and cause sinusitis or even sinusitis.

Чому не варто чхати з закритим носом

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