Why winter should not be abused coffee

Чому взимку не варто зловживати кавою

The doctors explained why in cold seasons, coffee can bring you not only cheerfulness, but also health problems. Even with this fragrant drink should not overreact.

Indian doctors came to the conclusion that in winter you can afford a maximum of two cups of coffee per day. So all fans of this morning beverage is safe to treat the habit of drinking it several times a day.

For many люде1 morning does not begin without coffee ritual, because without it harder to Wake up quickly and gain energy. But it is worth remembering that coffee causes the body fairly quickly get rid of fluid, and this affects the functioning of kidneys, which start to work hard.

Чому взимку не варто зловживати кавою

Coffee can harm the body in winter

Despite the fact that in winter, the human body suffers from the lack of sun, excessive amounts of sweets and a decrease in physical activity, all the same effect of coffee can worsen overall health. You should be especially careful for those who have problems with the genitourinary system.

“The drink refers to diureticum are substances that cause the body to produce more urine than usual, and caffeine increases blood flow to the kidneys, causing them to allocate more water”, – experts explain.

Therefore, Indian doctors recommend not to consume per day more than 2 Cup of coffee, and also not to forget about the usual warm water and tea.

Чому взимку не варто зловживати кавою

In winter you can drink up to two cups of coffee

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