Why there were no riots in mixed cities

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 Why there were no riots in mixed cities

Military commentator Nir Dvori has published an article in which he reports on the reasons why Operation Dawn. unlike Operation Wall Guard, it was not accompanied by Arab pogroms and riots in mixed cities.

According to “official representatives of the security system” the main reason is “tough punishments for rioters”. The second reason was “the fight against crime in the Arab sector”. Because of this, the Arabs felt “the participation and interest of the state in their lives.”

The police and the Shin Bet “maintain a constant dialogue with the sheikhs and heads of regional councils in an attempt to calm the passions.”
< br /> According to Dwori, such a policy is beginning to bear fruit, but one should not forget that Dawn was a short operation, without the participation of Hamas, and the issue of the Temple Mount was taken out of the conflict.

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