Why there is double chin and how to get rid of it

Почему появляется второй подбородок и как от него избавиться

Every woman can encounter such unpleasant circumstance of your double chin.

The reasons why it is formed and how to avoid the ink of the situation, reports the Chronicle.info with reference to podrobnosti.ua.


Very often the second chin appears for genetic reasons. Ligaments begin to weaken, the skin droops, forming this appearance. Unfortunately, to prevent this phenomenon, due to genetics, it is practically impossible. However, you can try. It is important to strengthen the epidermis. It is best in such a situation, suitable sealing skin treatments, special cream for décolleté and neck.


It is even more hopeless cause, to be faced sooner or later, all women. Ligaments lose their elasticity, the epidermis will simply not hold in the previous state. Often the unpleasant consequences of pursuing cheeks and chin. In such a situation better suited to lifting. Filaments from lactic acid is able to form a “hammock”, which will not contribute to drooping of facial contours.

Facial structure

Double chin appears due to the specific structure of the face. This is very common with ladies who have large face type. And to form a second chin, maybe even in his youth. Again, lifting can be effective in solving the problem.

The doctors said who is bad to eat cabbage


If you are obese or overweight, it is not surprising that began to emerge a second chin. Slimming (but not sharp!) can get rid of it. However, it should be remembered that in such a situation, when the second chin is too big, you may experience sagging skin, which is also not brighten up your look. In order to prevent this, you need to use special treatments, lotions, fabric mask, and to lose weight gradually, dropping no more than 1 kilogram per week.

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