Why the IDF did not use combat lasers

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 Why the IDF didn't use combat lasers

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The day after the end of Operation Dawn, Israelis on social networks and in the press are wondering why the IDF did not use laser interception systems during the fighting?

A few months ago, Prime Minister Naftali Bennet announced with great fanfare the successful completion of the laser intercept system for missiles and mortars. Bennett visited the Rafael plant in the north of the country.

Bennett inspected a new type of weapon in early June, Magen Or laser interceptor missiles.

Bennett said: “These weapons break the balance of power and changes the rules of the game. Not only because we beat the enemy militarily, but also because we ruin them economically.

Bennett added, “Until now, it has cost us dearly to shoot down every enemy missile. Now each missile costs the enemy tens of thousands of dollars, but it costs us two dollars to intercept it. We are rushing forward and breaking away from our enemies”.

The Israeli press reported that lasers were already being put into service with the IDF Air Force. Despite this, for an unknown reason, lasers were not used during the completed operation.

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