Why Penelope Cruz left children without smartphones

Why did Penelope Cruz leave children without smartphones

Hollywood actress Penelope Cruz deprived her children of smartphones as part of their upbringing.

She spoke about this on the CBS Sunday Morning program. < br />
Cruz forbids his children to use social networks to keep their psyche healthy. According to the actress, she will only allow her son Leonard and daughter Luna to use smartphones when they turn 16.

“I am very sorry for those who are now in their teens. The world seems to be experimenting with them. Their brains, which are developing, are not protected '', & mdash; she said.

The Oscar-winning star added that she is “ very tough on technology '' when it comes to her kids.

cartoons. How can I not let them watch movies ?! This & ndash; incredible moments of happiness & quot ;, & ndash; added a star.

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