Why on the backs of the shoes need a loop

Some of the things that surround us in everyday life, we do not attach much importance. Often we may not know the true purpose of such things. But it is always useful and interesting to learn something new for yourself! Do you know why we need a loop on the backs of shoes and other footwear? It turns out that she has multiple appointments.

1. Reflectors

Hinges on some models of sports shoes is equipped with special reflectors for your safety in the dark.

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Many people use these loops, threading the laces in them. For example, if they are too long, or to ensure that the shoes fit better on the leg.

3. Wash

If you tie the shoes together for the loops, in the process of washing the shoes is not damaged and is less “rattle” the drum of the washing machine.

4. Drying

After washing the shoes is very comfortable to hang over these loops for drying.

5. Convenience

With loops on the backs to wear shoes much easier. You also do not risk getting your hands dirty on the dirty sole.

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In the case that a loop located on the top of the heel, it is comfortable to tuck in pant legs, so they are not bullied during the walk.

How many new and interesting things is fraught with such trivial and insignificant things! Did you know about the real purpose of these loops? Waiting for your answers in the comments!

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