Why Omer Adam canceled his performance in Petah Tikva

 Why did Omer Adam cancel his performance in Petah Tikva

The mayor's office signed a contract with the singer, according to which he was to receive 300,000 shekels for 45 minutes of performance.

Today, January 16, however, information appeared that the contract was terminated by the mayor's office.
< br /> The reason is the harsh criticism from the residents of the city, pointing out that such an amount “could be used for much more pressing purposes, for example, helping the poor”.

In addition to this, Omer Adam fell out of favor with the left and the Israeli press after the release of the New Year's hit “Kakdila” allegedly insulting representatives of the Russian-speaking community.

Petah Tikva Mayor Roni Greenberg said the contract was canceled “due to the uncertainty of the scale of the celebrations, given the coronavirus epidemic.”

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