Why not go to the Solarium before the trip to the sea

Чому не варто ходити до солярію перед поїздкою на море

Experts do not recommend to rely solely on the Solarium

A lot of people go in the winter-spring period in a hot country and risk getting sunburn. German dermatologist Marion Moers-Karpe explains how to prepare your skin, and why it does not fit a Solarium and tanning.

So, if you believe that using tanning to prepare the skin to sunlight, then you are very mistaken.

Bright skin type initially should not be in the sun longer than ten minutes, says Mercedes-Carp. – Beach rest in the summer should begin with a sunburn so it is important that maximum UV protection.

Vitamins protect against oxidative stress

Each solar bath strengthens the immune system. When the sun shines intensively, the formation of free radicals that cause cells to age prematurely. If you want to prepare your skin to the sun, you should provide it with antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. These antioxidants act as scavengers of radicals and make the skin less susceptible to sun damage.

The most important is beta-carotene, a precursor of vitamin A. Our body can store beta-carotene in the liver, adipose tissue, and skin. It promotes the formation of pigment. It creates a light sun protection from the inside. But, unfortunately, he is too weak to replace sunscreen.

Чому не варто ходити до солярію перед поїздкою на море

Solarium protects your skin from sunburn

The Solarium is not suitable for preparations for the summer sun

Lasting tan is created only the short wavelength component of UV-B on sun. The long-wavelength component UV-A can only give an instant tan that will soon disappear. For this reason, Marion Moers-Carp believes that the Solarium is not suitable for receiving a protective tan before vacation.

Global facilities Solarium consists mainly of ultraviolet rays, ten times more than the sun. Therefore, a Solarium tan does not protect from sunburn. UV-A also acts on the collagen fibers of the skin.

The bronzer doesn’t matter

The fact that the skin is dark color, not provided with automatic protection from the sun. Skin after tanning requires the same strong protection from ultraviolet radiation, as the skin without.

Do not forget to use sunscreen, and to be in direct sunlight in the morning and after lunch. At this time, the ultraviolet light is not as aggressive as, for example, at noon.

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