Why does it feel like a free fall before sleep?

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 Why I feel free falling before going to bed

If you know the feeling of being in freefall before falling asleep, and then your body jumping up and down, don't worry. It happens to 70% of people regardless of their health condition.

This phenomenon is called myoclonus (myo – muscle, clonus – contraction) and is a sudden involuntary muscle contraction. For example, hiccups are a common form of myoclonus. Muscle contraction is considered positive myoclonus, and their relaxation – relaxation – negative.

The fact is that sleep at this stage is so light that the brain mistakenly interprets it as a state of wakefulness, but at the same time determines that the muscles are not working. The brain sends a signal to the muscles, which causes them to contract in order to control their control.
This movement is what feels like a fall.

Factors affecting this moment – Stress, drug use, alcohol and caffeine, lack of sleep.
If these factors are limited, the quality of sleep will improve markedly.

Myoclonus does not indicate a serious health problem except in rare cases.

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