Why do we give gifts? Because selfish! Or climbers…

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Why do we give gifts? Of course, to bring joy to others, but… yourself too. Research shows that giving gifts is no less rewarding and rewarding than receiving them. Psychologists divide donors into groups according to different criteria, for example, there are altruistic and egoistic donors. This does not mean that one is bad and the other is good. They just have different approaches.

The former try to choose an individual gift that will evoke pleasant emotions for a long time and remind the recipient of the giver.

The latter prefer to go somewhere together, which to do something together and experience these emotions together.

On the eve of Valentine's Day on February 14, we want to show you some examples of gifts from these two types of people.

< u>Gifts from Altruists


Many women love decorative cosmetics and are happy to try on the image of a fatal beauty, or a natural, but no less irresistible look. If your chosen one is one of them, pay attention to the special offer of the international brand IL MAKIAGE in honor of Valentine's Day! From February 7th to 14th, when you buy any color cosmetics at the branches or on the chain's website, you will receive a lip product of your choice as a gift. When purchasing cosmetics on the site, you can choose a long-lasting lipstick, and in stores, all lip products participate in the event – lipsticks, glosses, pencils, etc. You can get acquainted with the assortment of the brand, make a purchase or find out the address of the nearest branch on the website: https://www.ilmakiage.co.il/

 Why do we give gifts? Because selfish! Or altruistic…

Cool smartphone< br />
If you want to give a good gift and you have the means to do so, here are some options for you.

Women: Galaxy Z Flip4 – beautiful, small, foldable. Ideal for taking selfies – Photo and video. The expanded Galaxy Z Flip4 Bespoke Edition range includes three body colors — silver, gold and black, as well as five options for the glossy screen — yellow, white, navy blue, khaki and red. Users can choose and combine them to their liking to create their own device design.

 Why do we give gifts? Because egoists! Or altruists…

For male businessmen: Galaxy Z Fold 4— multitasking gadget with maximum productivity, the favorite phone of Bill Gates. Gates explained why he chose this particular model: the fact is that it is more convenient to work with Microsoft office programs on a large screen, and the Galaxy Z Fold 4 can replace a tablet when opened.

< p> Why do we give gifts? Because selfish! Or altruistic…

< br /> For men who consider themselves photographers, and even for real photographers – Galaxy S23 Ultra– the latest novelty that entered the market a few days ago. With the Galaxy S23 Ultra camera, even beginner amateur photographers can take great pictures. Samsung Galaxy's advanced camera system lets you shoot in any light level with unparalleled detail, and advanced image processing algorithms optimize photos and videos. The communication of today's users is largely dependent on the quality of the selfie camera, so the Galaxy S23 series smartphones are equipped with a fast autofocus system and Samsung's first branded selfie camera for higher image quality. For photography lovers who want maximum creative freedom, the camera offers a special set of tools, for example, users can experiment with the artistic possibilities of multiple exposures or take a clear picture of the Milky Way using the Astrophoto function.

 Why do we give gifts? Because selfish! Or altruistic…

Gifts from selfish people:

Weekend at the hotel together. This is a wonderful gift if you choose the right place. There are two main criteria here – the location of the hotel and the level of comfort. Try to find out where your partner prefers to relax in the winter – on the Dead Sea or in Eilat, on the Sea of ​​Galilee or in Tel Aviv. The second key to success – the hotel itself. A good choice would be the Isrotel chain, which provides excellent service and a large selection of hotels throughout the country. On the Dead Sea in particular, Isrotel offers you the designer hotel Nevo, an island of delightful tranquility with a magnificent range of spa treatments, hydrogen sulfide pools, sauna, jacuzzi, gym, restaurants and a children's club. The hotel is within walking distance from the beach, at the foot of the mountains. Details about this and other hotels can be found on the Isrotel website – https://www.isrotel.co.il/

 Why do we give gifts? Because selfish! Or altruistic…

Theatre. And really, why not spend the evening of February 14 together watching an interesting performance? For more than 30 years, Israel has had Yiddishpil, the most original and unique theater in the country. This is the only troupe in Israel that puts on performances at Mame Loshen. – the language of our grandparents. Almost all of them are in Yiddish, accompanied by subtitles in Russian and Hebrew. You can get acquainted with the theater’s repertoire by city and order tickets, including in Russian, at the BRAVO box office: https://idishpil.kassa.co.il/. Learn more about the subscription: https://yiddishpiel.co.il/ru/subscribers/.

 Why do we give gifts? Because selfish! Or altruistic…

Egoist and altruist – two in one

There is a gift that both types of donors we are talking about can give. True, only if your partner smokes and cannot or does not want to leave this bad habit. Give him a tobacco heating device IQOS. The FDA confirms that IQOS emits 90-95% less harmful chemicals than burning cigarettes. And besides, it does not leave behind a smell either on clothes, or in the car, or in the apartment. Although, if you can convince your partner to stop smoking altogether – it will be even better. Well, if not – let him at least cause less harm to himself, and to you – unpleasant feelings.

 Why do we give gifts? Because selfish! Or altruistic…

And finally, two little tips not for givers, but for recipients:

1. And the conditional “egoist”, and conditional “altruist” wants to like his gift, tries for this – don't disappoint him.
2.If you know how to make it clear what kind of gift you want, then it doesn't matter at all who your giver is by psychotype – “selfish” or “altruist”, he will give you what you dream of.

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