Why do men want anal sex

In men’s erotic fantasies difficult to understand. Read about why the stronger sex so eager to engage in anal sex and how women need to prepare themselves for such caresses.

Чому чоловіки хочуть анального сексу

If the majority of adult films is developing under the same scenario – oral sex, normal sex and then anal, in real life, according to statistics, up to the last part of the move only 20-30% of couples.

This is a fairly high percentage, but believe me, whether it is the will of men, it would have been much higher. Why are men so eager to go the “workaround”? From a physiological point of view, all business in unusual, intense feelings, that arise because of the tight ring of muscles of the lower sphincter. A considerable role is played here and the psychological component – every man wants to feel like a real male and a researcher of new territories.

On the other hand, the fact that the woman admits in the “Holy of holies” of a person means trust, and that feeling can bring no worse than joint visits to a psychologist.

For women anal sex is not always associated with a real pleasure, however, one painful experience is not a reason to give up on this kind of sex. To get pleasure from the process, it is necessary to follow several simple instructions.

1. Proceed to the penetration behind only reaching full arousal – then the muscles will relax and the process will not be so painful.

2. Lubrication is never too much: moisture is the main guarantee that everything will go smoothly.

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3. The slower, the better – a sensitive area you should not take out unceremoniously. This is the case when the affection opens all doors.

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