Why do I get dark circles under the eyes

Experts have voiced the main factors that affect bruising under eyes in children.

Purple, pink, dark blue, brown — black eyes can be different, but whatever they were, it is important to consult a doctor. And that can cause this symptom in children, read our article.

Iron deficiency anemia

The condition may not immediately make itself felt. But if you notice, the baby has pale skin, cracks in the mouth, brittle nails and dark circles under the eyes, most likely his body lacks iron. In this case it is important to consult a specialist who will adjust the diet, and if necessary, prescribe vitamins.

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Recent infection

If the kid had recently been ill with an acute form of SARS, the appearance of circles under the eyes can be quite a natural phenomenon. This characteristic suggests that the child’s body takes more time to recover. It is important to establish a daily routine of the child, ensuring a NAP and a balanced diet.

Kidney disease

Black eyes in a child may indicate kidney disease. If their appearance coincides with the appearance of edema, weakness, sudden fever and painful urination, do not delay going to the doctor.

Pathology of ENT-organs

For example, chronic tonsillitis can cause complications of the cardiovascular system, kidneys and musculoskeletal system that also leads to the formation of bruises and circles under the eyes

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Often the dark circles under your eyes, there are children who are very tired. In this case it is important to follow the routine of the child and to balance the amount of study time and rest periods.

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We are talking about the subcutaneous tissue and the circulatory system. If you or your husband’s blood vessels are too close to the skin surface, most likely this feature will inherit and your child. In this case, the characteristic dark rings under the eyes caused by the specific arrangement of vessels in this part of the face, as well as the thickness of the dermis.


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