Why cats love to sleep on their owners!

The fact that cats love to sleep on their owners is not news. Many who notice their Pets of the habit, but did not give it much importance. It turns out that this phenomenon has an explanation. Recently, British scientists have conducted a series of studies to reveal the reason of such behavior of our baleen-tailed friends.

Чому коти так люблять спати на своїх господарях!

Actually, there are several theories of why cats love to sleep on their owners. Today we will tell about most popular of them.

Theory first, the temperature-energy-healing
The average body temperature of a cat is much higher than in humans, and is approximately 38,6 ° C. Accordingly, it needs much more heat to warm up. You probably noticed that four-legged love to curl up in a ball on the batteries or windowsill, illuminated by sunlight.

The human body also generates immense amounts of heat, especially the head and limbs. It’s very appealing to a pet. Many have probably noticed that when something hurts, cats fall on this place, removing the discomfort. The reason also lies in the increased temperature of the patient’s body or part of body.

Second theory, fragrant
Cats love the smell of the hair of the host, especially women. Still, because women are so fond of using all sorts of scented shampoos-conditioners-air-conditioners-masks that cats are just crazy about these dizzying aromas.

Remember the girlfriend is constantly surprised that her cat loves to lick her hair. Rejoice this is not necessary, because the harmful chemicals can get into the intestines of the animal causing her great harm.

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Чому коти так люблять спати на своїх господарях!

Third theory, sentimental
Some scientists put forward the theory that cats like the feeling of comfort and tranquility, which are near the master. So the place is better than your pillow, stomach or hand, baleen.

Чому коти так люблять спати на своїх господарях!

Jokes aside, experts still advise people to wean cats from the habit to lie on the body of the host, because the consequences can be for a person not happy: violation of rhythm of breath, numb extremities, and even chronic insomnia.
So it is better to arrange fluffy a separate place to stay, even if he likes to sleep on you more than life itself.

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