Why cats are afraid of cucumbers: a scientific explanation

Why cats are afraid of cucumbers: a scientific explanation

There are many viral videos on the Internet that capture the moment when cats in a panic run away from the place where they sit, because of the cucumbers, which are “ caring '' the owners planted it behind.

According to Metro, there is a scientific explanation for this.

According to one of the versions of scientists, cats run away from cucumbers, because they remind them of snakes. This opinion was expressed by an expert on animal behavior Kon Slobodchikov.

“Cucumbers are similar enough to snakes for cats to have an instinctive fear of them”, “and ndash; the expert considers.

The fact that a foreign object he was planted without warning. This opinion was expressed by Jill Goldman, a certified animal behavior expert for National Geographic magazine. Cucumbers induce natural fear reflexes in cats, she said.

“When frightened, a cat often tries to get out of the place where it is, as soon as possible, and then assesses the situation from a distance,” “ the expert explained.

Experts advise the owners not to carry out such “ funny '' experiments, as it disturbs the psyche of animals.

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