Why buy a dishwasher and how to find the best one for your kitchen

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 Why buy a dishwasher and how to find the best one for your kitchen

Everyday comfort is made up of little things. It would seem that what is difficult in washing dishes for an experienced housewife? Some 30-60 minutes a day at the sink – and all the utensils are clean.

However, practice shows that even for lovers of the traditional approach to home improvement, who are against innovation, dishwashers become a pleasant discovery. And if such equipment appeared in the home kitchen – it will stay there for a long time. And here's why.
Save time, effort, money

Saving – it's always good. Especially if the household unit helps to save both time, and effort, and money. This is completely true for dishwashers. Firstly, they free up the said 30-60 minutes daily, and it's easy to calculate how many hours or even days can be saved by a dishwasher during the year.

In addition, a properly selected model of equipment saves water. Due to the rational use of water, the equipment spends much less resources on washing the same volume of dishes. Electricity modern machines consume relatively little. This means savings on utility bills.

Not a reproach to housewives, the dishwasher is able to wash dishes better, including even heavily soiled pots and pans. Trying to cope with particularly complex tasks manually, you will spend much more time and effort than a technique that washes with boiling water, special products and high-pressure jets.

How to choose a dishwasher

1. Evaluate the spaciousness, not only in your current situation, but also with the possibility of expanding the family in the foreseeable future. Experts recommend to calculate the «dishes minimum» and choose a dishwasher with a capacity of 3-4 times more.
2. Remember that – these are built-in appliances, but they can be either narrow or compact square or full-sized. Each model has its own requirements for the installation site and connection to communications.
3. Availability of different functions – This is a plus, but not an end in itself. The main thing is that the equipment has useful options like half load or quick wash-dry. The rest – Optional and optional if budget allows. There is no point in overpaying for innovations just like that, if you do not use them.
4. Another nuance – noise level. The dishwasher will make noise during operation. Average – 45 decibels. But there are also quieter cars.

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