Why addicted smokers gain weight: the answer of scientists

Why addicting smokers gain weight: the answer of scientists

Smokers who become addicted to addiction gain everything because of intestinal microbes.

This is the conclusion of scientists from the Israeli Weizmann Institute. < br />
Despite popular belief, most of those who quit smoking do not start eating anymore, they said. At the same time, on average, after quitting smoking, weight gain is 4.5 kg during the first 6 to 12 months, and 13% of those who quit smoking in the first year gain more than 10 kg.

According to Israeli scientists Weight gain may be caused by weight-modulating compounds secreted by gut microbes.

“Our results show how the host and its microbiome become partners in weight regulation and metabolism. The compounds we have identified may open the door to new therapies to help stop smoking cessation gainers. Moreover, they can be used in the future for the treatment of obesity, even among nonsmokers '', & ndash; noted Professor Eran Elinav from the Department of Immunology of the Weizmann Institute.

As noted by the researchers, most laboratory mice that were regularly exposed to cigarette smoke did not gain weight, despite the fact that they ate foods high in fat and sugar … When the smoke stopped, the mice quickly gained weight.

However, when the rodents were given broad-spectrum antibiotics that depleted their microbiome, they gained much less weight after quitting smoking. Researchers believe that smoking-related compounds such as nicotine have entered the intestines of “ smokers '' mice from the bloodstream, thereby changing the bacterial composition of the intestine and affecting the metabolism in the body.

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