Wholesale prices for apples in Ukraine has fallen to 1 hryvnia

It should be noted that the level of prices, the intensification of trading activity

Оптовые цены на яблоки в Украине обвалились до 1 гривны

Prices on the dessert high-quality Ukrainian apples reached incredibly low and values continue to decline. The prices for commercial apples are even lower and do not even cover the cost of cleaning. Farmers dessert Apple of excellent quality you can buy in bulk even at 1,5-2,5 UAH/kg (less than 9 US cents per kg) and industrial hard sell even for 1 UAH (3.5 US cent per kg) and payment will have to wait a long time.

Analysts of Ukrainian fruit and vegetable Association (UPOA) estimate the excess only dessert apples in the Ukrainian market 160-200 thousand tons. The excess of the apples for industrial processing even difficult to estimate, especially when you consider that the global market of Apple concentrate is in crisis.

Senior analyst, UPOA Tatiana Smirnova commented the situation: “In Ukraine there are no producers’ cooperatives, which could assume the function of storage, sorting and marketing of apples, and farmers with storage, we hope that the price will rise in winter and in no hurry to sell, so we see such disastrous for farmers picture when apples are too much and they rot in gardens and in supermarkets imported products”.

Analysts EastFruit note that imported apples in Ukraine come mainly from Poland. However, in the premium segment in the winter and spring, there is usually some apples from Italy, as well as from Chile, South Africa and New Zealand, which are sold through suppliers from the Netherlands and, more rarely, directly. In 2018 in Ukraine also imported the first shipment of apples from Iran. However, the share of import estimated EastFruit in season 2018/19 years, is unlikely to exceed half of one percent of the domestic market of Ukraine.

It should be noted that the level of prices, the intensification of trading activity. At the same time, without significant export volumes, further price declines will not give any results, because all the neighbouring countries have a surplus of apples on the market, and the export of apples to the EU countries, Middle East or Asia requires large volumes of homogeneous quality of products promising varieties held optical sorting. Unfortunately, such products on the market is very small, and its owners have no major problems with its implementation, although in this segment, prices are much lower than a year earlier.

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