Who was wounded at the crossroads of Megiddo

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 Who was injured at the Megiddo crossroads

It's been a day since the explosive device went off at the Megiddo intersection yesterday morning, and there are still many questions.

that the source of the explosion that injured Sharaf al-Din (21) from the village of Salem is a nationalist terrorist attack – but a complete ban was imposed on the publication of details.

Yesterday, for many hours, the road near the Megiddo intersection were closed to traffic due to combing the area in connection with fears of finding additional explosive devices. Al-Din has no criminal record and the investigating authorities, including the General Security Service, are unaware of any intent to harm him, facts that heighten the suspicion that the attack was motivated by nationalism. Evidence at the scene indicates that it was indeed a terrorist attack. At the end of combing, no additional charges were found in the area.

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