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The four Palestinians killed during the Israeli military operation in Nablus have been identified as Wadi al-Hfuh, 31, Hamdi Sharaf, 35, Ali Anar, 26, and Hamdi Kim, 30. A fifth Palestinian, 27-year-old Zahi Baghdadi, died of his wounds hours after Israeli troops left the city.

Wadi al-Hauh was one of the founders and commanders of the “Lion's Den” group, based in the Old City of Nablus. A week before his death, Hauch posted comments on his Facebook account about his disagreement with the attempts by the Palestinian Authority to persuade the militants of the group to lay down their arms and join the Palestinian security forces. He was considered a high-ranking leader of the “Lion's Den”; and was involved in several terrorist attacks in the Nablus area, including a shootout that killed an IDF senior sergeant.

In addition, Wadi al-Hauh was a close friend of Mosab Shtayyeh, a prominent Hamas militant who was arrested Palestinian security forces in Nablus a few weeks ago. Shtaye is also considered one of the top commanders of the Lion's Den.

Hauch's killing was a major blow to an armed group that lost another of its commanders, Tamer al-Kilani, in an explosion earlier this week in the Old City of Nablus.

anger” in Nablus and other parts of the Palestinian Authority on Tuesday to mourn the dead Palestinians.

The ruling faction of Fatah said in a statement that the Palestinian people “resist the aggression of the occupation, defending their legitimate national and historical rights”.

Fatah added that the crackdown by the Israeli security forces will not undermine “the will, resilience and unity of our people.” and called for an escalation of “popular resistance” Israel, holding it responsible for the commission of “crimes” against the Palestinians.

Palestinian Authority Presidential Spokesman Nabil Abu Rudayneh said that PA President Mahmoud Abbas is closely monitoring the situation in Nablus and “praises the resilience of the people who defend their land.”

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