Who told me how to fight coronavirus

У ВООЗ розповіли, як потрібно боротися з коронавірусом

Who said that we need to introduce aggressive measures

The spread of the coronavirus worldwide – the challenge faced by the country, both successful and those whose economic condition is poor. However, as practice shows, before COVID-19 level everything. That is why the who has decided to focus on ways of dealing with the disease.

In particular, saying aggressive measures to search, test, isolation, contact tracing and treatment. These steps will help countries to avoid significant losses. Called for more aggressive measures in the fight against COVID-19 the who Director-General Tedros Adan Hebrews during a briefing in Geneva on 25 March.

Unfortunately, according to the head of the who, the isolation of citizens was not enough to overcome the pandemic coronavirus.

“By themselves these measures will not lead to the cessation of the pandemic. Aggressive measures to search for, isolation, testing, treatment and tracing is not only best and fastest way out of extreme social and economic constraints, but also the best way to prevent”, – said the head of the who.

He stressed that so far, over 150 countries have less than 100 cases of infection.

“If they commit the same aggressive action now, those States have a chance to prevent the spread of the virus and avoid a more severe social and economic losses that exist in other countries”, – said Hebrews.

So, in the countries of Africa South of the Sahara while there are just over 1400 cases COVID-19.

And it is the use of aggressive measures to curb the disease, testing, and identification of contacts will help these countries to stop the spread of dangerous diseases. This convinced the Director General of the who.

We remind that in Ukraine extended quarantine until April 24, so spend it correctly:

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