Who of the Signs of the Zodiac most dedicated, ready to go to the end with a loved one, supporting him no matter what

Кто из Знаков Зодиака самый преданный, готовый идти до конца с близким человеком, поддерживая его, несмотря ни на что

Loyalty is an important quality for any person. Not all Zodiac Signs are loyal in love and friendship, ready to go to the end with a loved one, supporting him no matter what.

Loyalty is important not only in love but also in kinship, in friendship, in work. There are signs of the Zodiac, who seek only their own benefit, so loyalty from them should not wait. To condemn these people is impossible, because no one know their true goals, vices and weaknesses.


Many experts attribute the lions to selfish signs of the Zodiac. That’s true, but remember themselves — wouldn’t you love to do something just for myself? Lions can be kings of selfishness, but if you helped them at least once, their devotion you will see exactly. Lions have some kind of internal switch that puts them in a state of combat readiness, if you gave them even a little help. Of course, the fuse will not last long, but the Lions can’t let down someone who was with them in difficult times, never doubt.


Capricorn is totally missing the desire to go towards the prevent become happier. Despite belonging to this Zodiac Sign to the earth element, its representatives have very little understanding of the importance of loyalty. These people are petty and are always on the wave. To redo them is impossible — they don’t want to hurt anyone. Just very strange they perceive the surrounding reality. When something reproach, they don’t understand it because I don’t want to understand or are afraid to change ourselves.


The secret energy of Aquarius is their desire to constantly improve themselves. They know the value of loyalty, so many representatives of this Zodiac Sign can be the most loyal people around. For friends they ready to break the road in the rain, in the snow, in a hurricane. They do not care about rules — they break them for the sake of friendship, because for them the meaning of life is in communication, in common with other people. What can I say, they can help you, just out of courtesy.


Fish are not particularly eager to help someone, but if they have no choice or excuse to refuse, they will help you. In principle, these people can be called quite loyal. The only thing you will need is normally and politely ask them. They’re like karma cleanse, helping someone, so don’t look for other causes in their creative acts. Of course, you can threaten them, but then you’re left in the cold. Fish, in spite of a seemingly harmless, can be very strong personalities who do not forgive insults.


Rams are pretty loyal. They don’t leave friends in trouble, and this is typical of almost all representatives of this Zodiac Sign. The rams just Express their feelings devotion. Even if they don’t want to help you, they will still help. They live in a pretty fast pace, but will always find time to support you in something important. It is very strange that these people are donating their time for family and friends, but in fact nothing strange, because Aries just like moving. They can even night to fall in another city, just to find adventures on a known place.


Taureans are loyal, but not always, and often their motives become clear later on, when they remember you all their efforts. On the nature of Taureans can explain their actions, because these people rarely can control myself. They are like an open book, so sometimes they don’t know when you can be yourself, and when you need to play up a bit. They help you, but then you have this apparent devotion to work, helping them in return. What’s really good is the fact that your desire to help them and always be there, they’ll consider in the future, with the pleasure of having fulfilled his “debt”.


Virgos need to help others to protect themselves from envious, because most of these people believe that with his help they will be able to get people to stop treating them badly. On the other hand, there are girls that only help those who help them. This is already being done for reasons of caution, because Virgo hate wasting my time. Of course, they can show devotion to someone who did not do anything good, but it will greatly lower their mood and self esteem.


Source of energy and positive emotions for the Weights is mutual devotion. They appreciate the people that make them something nice, so try to answer good. Of course, in the real world it happens quite rarely, but the Scales are able to wait, so always surrounded by love and good friends. Scales are rarely deceived and disappointed, but even in these rare cases, they remain optimistic. Representatives of this Sign are very loyal.


Scorpions his devotion always trying to resolve conflicts. They want to see the world in harmony, so they will not lose the desire to help a friend or loved one. Scorpions are difficult to negative decisions. Of course, few who likes to throw away of life of people, but the Scorpions do it doubly more difficult. They want that their life was just the people who can do something specific for them. They are always ready to meet.


Of the archers, use not more than from found and selected things on the street. You never know what they are. Sagittarians can be very loyal people, and the absolute opposite of sucking you dry and not making anything in return. Overall this is a good people, but absolutely insatiable, seeking more benefits in minimum time. Be careful to Archers until you know them better.


The twins really want to look like devotees, but they do it very poorly. If they are to remain in the comfort zone, it is unlikely to come out of it to help you. The fact that they are not petty, but I love when they are good. They will forget what you did for them, but you will have a chance to get them to remember if you try. You just need to put pressure on them and say that they owe you. Their positive side is that they will not resent you for it. Repayment of debts of any nature they are taken seriously.


Cancers are one of the most loyal people, but only for a certain circle of people. For their family they will do anything, demanding the same from you if you enter this inner circle. Energy relations of the family is decisive in all things. If you’re not their best friend, the chance to feel the support from them is equal to zero, no more. So they are arranged — you can’t change, no and never. If you help them, not the fact that they will help you.

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