White starts and wins: one of the main trends of summer 2022 is total white

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 White starts and wins: one of the main trends of summer 2022 – total white

White – an unchanging summer classic that inspires more and more eminent designers and becomes one of the main trends of the season. Elegant, stylish, versatile white is now called the “new black”, it is increasingly replacing it and becoming the basis of the summer wardrobe. Neutral, combined with almost any other color and suitable for almost everyone and in any situation, and at the same time accent, bright, eye-catching. White color in clothes is like an artist's canvas on which you can depict anything.

 White starts and wins: one of the main trends of summer 2022 – total white

This season, special attention is paid to the image of total white, which a priori always looks stylish and elegant and, by the way, in one outfit now it is quite possible to combine different shades of white from snow-white to milky-beige, experiment endlessly, changing contrasting details and accessories, combine things from different styles – “white fashion” this season is incredibly democratic.
A place of honor is given to the white color in the summer collection of the Italian brand ELISABETTA FRANCHI: dresses, blouses, shorts, jackets, accessories – here you can pick up whole monochrome looks suitable for everyday life and for special occasions. Feminine silhouettes, elegant minimalism and stylish sophistication characterize the brand's distinctive style. In these laconic and at the same time glamorous images, white color is especially harmonious – clear clean lines and styles emphasizing the beauty of the figure add chic and solemnity to white images. Particular attention is paid to details in the collection: golden buttons, leather straps, fringes of different lengths, lace combined with fabric, spectacular stitching. Creative images from ELISABETTA FRANCHI will undoubtedly become a decoration of your summer wardrobe.

 White starts and wins: one of the main trends of summer 2022 – total white

About Brand ELISABETTA FRANCHI ELISABETTA FRANCHI — considered one of the most successful brands in Italy and worldwide. He gained high popularity among fashion connoisseurs around the world, thanks to the high quality of products and special attention to detail. The ELISABETTA FRANCHI brand is classified as an affordable luxury brand – it is a high-end prêt-à-porter fashion brand at affordable prices.

 White starts and wins: one of the main trends of summer 2022 – total white

The ELISABETTA FRANCHI brand has representative offices all over the world with branches in the largest cities of the world that are fashion centers: Paris, Milan, Madrid, Moscow, Dubai and continues to expand. ELISABETTA FRANCHI is a regular participant of the International Fashion Week, which takes place annually in Milan. The showroom of the brand is located in Milan, in the heart of the Fashion District, in a building of 1000 square meters, occupying 6 floors.
Today, the ELISABETTA FRANCHI brand has become synonymous with style and sophistication – famous Hollywood fashionists Angelina Jolie, Jennifer wear clothes from ELISABETTA FRANCHI Lopez, Kourtney Kardashian, Lady Gaga and many other world-class stars.
Branch office in Israel: Tel Aviv, Hei B'Yar Street 52, Kikar HaMedina.

Instagram pagehttps: //www.instagram.com/ef_israel/

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