Which iPhone to choose in 2020: still relevant or popular 8 XR

Який iPhone вибрати у 2020 році: все ще актуальний 8 чи популярний XR

This iPhone is still relevant in 2020

IPhone to purchase in 2020? How to save money on the purchase? Which models to avoid and which to throw your eyes? To these and other questions will be answered in the new material under the heading “Question of week”. Sit back, because we begin the anatomy of Apple gadgets!

The beginning of each year for fans of the Apple smartphone remains a traditional. Some enjoy using the new top-end gadget. Other summarize associated with holiday spending in order to decide which iPhone to buy. Try to understand and determine the best and most successful models for everyone!

Let’s start with the smartphones of Apple that Radio MAX strongly recommends that you do not buy in 2020. You will be amazed, but in our disapproval, we are not talking only about the frankly outdated solution from the “Yabloko”, but about the devices that relatively recently were almost the most desirable.

iPhone SE

Let’s be Frank: to consume content from a smartphone with a screen diagonal of at a WHOPPING 4 inches – real mockery of themselves and their vision. Of course, there is a whole army of supporters of this form-factor, but not so much. Want not too big a smartphone – note at least on the iPhone 8. He is not critical any more, but the increase in screen diagonal to be felt. Guarantee.

Який iPhone вибрати у 2020 році: все ще актуальний 8 чи популярний XR

iPhone SE is a compact, but already outdated smartphone

iPhone 6S

Strange as it may sound, but the secondary market is still wildly popular model 6S. Of course, this smartphone is not the worst in the line of iPhone, because it fixed most of the errors and shortcomings of the six. However, this model is not only obsolete. Apple will soon stop releasing the updates for it, which can also affect the operation of the gadget.

Який iPhone вибрати у 2020 році: все ще актуальний 8 чи популярний XR

To spend money on the iPhone 6S in 2020 should not be

iPhone 7

A sweet deal for sugar. Now a brand new iPhone 7 with 32 GB of internal memory costs 9 999 USD. Sounds very cool, isn’t it? But what do we get as a result? Not the new processor. Not the coolest apartment. Not the best autonomy.

Okay. If you are owner of iPhone 5S, 6, SE – still-good iPhone 7 can meet all your needs. If you’re still with the iPhone 6S is the generation of noise.

Який iPhone вибрати у 2020 році: все ще актуальний 8 чи популярний XR

the iPhone 7 is only attractive for its price

iPhone X

The official buy now iPhone X is not so simple. However, if you did come up with this idea – discard it immediately. One of the most common ills of this model is weak autonomy. Of course, you will receive a compact body, premium content, but definitely can become dependent on outlets or powerbank. Of course, not all are “squeezed” from your smartphone all the juices. I agree, unless you’re chatting in instant messengers and make a few calls – iPhone X will not exasperate their autonomy. But should we then pay more? Take already the iPhone 7. To have a dialer with the Apple logo not for all the money in the world.

Який iPhone вибрати у 2020 році: все ще актуальний 8 чи популярний XR

iPhone X too expensive to buy it in 2020

Okay, we decided on models which in 2020 looks the most navigasie. On what to pay attention this year?

Which iPhone should you buy in 2020

iPhone 8

Let’s start with price. New iPhone 8 on 64 GB costs 14 999 UAH official. This option is ideal for those who are fiercely enrage the frame on the XR, and the absence of mechanical buttons. So to his beloved Home used too many users. This, incidentally, is one of the reasons why they want to keep their oldskool the apples. However, the official price is not so good, it makes him think about the transition to a higher level. About it further.

Який iPhone вибрати у 2020 році: все ще актуальний 8 чи популярний XR

iPhone 8 is still relevant to the purchase

iPhone XR

16 999 UAH fans of Apple are getting almost a reference smartphone. So, we do not extol it Stalos XR, because it combines not only top-end specifications (they still can push for the belt of the flagship competitors), but also cool the camera (though one), incredible autonomy, and nice design. iPhone XR – perfect for those who always wanted to change your Android smartphone into a gadget on iOS. If you are madly enraged giant frame around the screen – please note our following “lots”.

Який iPhone вибрати у 2020 році: все ще актуальний 8 чи популярний XR

iPhone XR – TOP for the money

iPhone XS / XS Max

For iPhone XS official please 19 999 hryvnia for the version with 64 GB, but the XS Max cost already 22 999 hryvnia in the same package memory. The main difference between the gadgets is the size of the screens and autonomy. Logically, Max “live” on a single charge longer. But not all need a “shovel”. Although… hands get used to almost any diagonal in a matter of days. Fingers, of course, do not grow, but their flexibility is fine so pumped. XS pleases presence of the telemodul’, and an OLED screen. The latter, however, can also suit the tastes of all.

Який iPhone вибрати у 2020 році: все ще актуальний 8 чи популярний XR

iPhone XS and XS Max fell significantly over the year

How to save on purchasing an iPhone in 2020

There are two options that will help significantly or not at all to save on the purchase iPhone. First, though, not everyone will like. So… don’t buy just any iPhone, if your smartphone still works so well that you are not getting noticeable discomfort. Second, note the Refurbished version, which restored the company on the plant. Thus, you can take away from the price to several hundred dollars. So you are not deceived, we strongly recommend you to buy the “REFs” the official, often under the guise of restored gadgets unable to sell illiquid or normal device that just was in the shop.

More restored smartphones and pitfalls associated with their purchase , read here.

What iPhone to buy in 2020? Definitely notice the XR. He now not only makes “sweet” price, but still a cool performance. To take the iPhone 7? Just in case if you want to finally unleash your old iPhone 5S or SE. Don’t forget that traditionally the decision is yours. Take care of yourself and your money, and don’t forget to enjoy the hits, time-tested Radio MAXIMUM!

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