Which diets may cause eating disorders

Popular now juice diets are considered a good way to detoxify the body. That’s just a load to lose weight you can get eating disorder.

You have probably heard about the sudden death of 25-year-old British TV presenter Peaches Geldof: her heart stopped suddenly.

In front of this girl for months “sat on the juices” and lost almost half his body weight. The doctors suggested that she developed bulimia.

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Sara Shammas, a consultant psychotherapist who specializiruetsya on eating disorders, I decided to make a special warning message: she noticed that juice diets often end in serious violation, which she called “socorex” (juicerexia).

According to her, the insidiousness of this phenomenon is that people do not realize how they hurt themselves: leaning on the juice, they believe that saturate your body with vitamins, so no other products can and do.

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As a result, they ignore whole groups of foods, e.g. proteins of animal origin, not noticing it, and end up at the doctor only in rare cases — often they’re fascinated by the diet and continue it, unaccustomed to normal food.


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