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 Where Israeli students study abroad

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Israeli students have to pay a long time to get higher education abroad.

This is reported by The Jerusalem Post.

up to $19,288. The price can largely depend on the local cost of living, although it comes down to one key factor most of all: the institution and its price.

In Australia, university fees often exceed $14,000, while in in countries such as Germany and Argentina, tuition is usually free.

Approximately 1,075,496 students choose to study in the US. Half as many people chose to study in the UK and Canada. About 228,403 people have chosen to study in Japan. Spain has far fewer international students than its rivals, with an enrollment of about 125,675 in 2022.

According to Erudera, more than 2,000 Israeli students have paid to study in the US, where the cost sometimes exceeds $60,000. In a huge number of cases, students have chosen to focus on the experience rather than the price.

More than 1,800 Israeli students have traveled to Germany, where there is free tuition for both local and international students. An alternative way is to get an education online for $2250.

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