“Where is this shit!” Galkin remembered the curiosity with Pugacheva and Moiseev

Russian showman Maxim Galkin remembered a curious incident that happened at the “ Christmas Meetings '' with the participation of Alla Pugacheva and Boris Moiseev.

He told the story on the air of the show “ I know myself. ''

According to Galkin, his wife asked Moiseyev to perform a serious composition during rehearsals. After the first verse, a half-naked gymnast, who did not fit into the situation at all, went down the tightrope. The prima donna said that he had no place in Moiseev's room, so it was decided to “ give it to Svetlana Loboda. '' no. According to Galkin, Pugacheva is a person of principle, therefore she could not let the situation down.

& quot; To say that Alla was furious, to say nothing. This was seen as sabotage. The gymnast did not go down to Sveta Loboda on purpose. Behind the scenes, I hear Alla is coming … The storm is coming. “Where is he? I'll arrange for you! Where is that shit ?, & ndash; remembered Galkin.

The showman noted that Moiseyev was huddled in panic when he heard the screams of the Prima Donna. He pulled on some kind of hat and tried to hide behind Galkin. As a result, the situation was resolved amicably.

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