Where is the best place to keep your savings

The police explained that the thieves in advance to check certain places, where people often hide their savings.

Де найкраще зберігати власні заощадження

In a time when even the big banks are bursting almost every day, and the hryvnia is impossible to keep from falling, in front of many people faced the problem where your hard earned money to save?

In the Bank is very doubtful. Because there is not as cashiers will zero out your bills, the owners will declare a Bank insolvent. Home? But the thieves, as it turns out, even have some
a technique that helps to search hidden. Therefore, find the most valuable jewels — and savings.

What is the solution? We can talk about this with Victoria Artemenko, the speaker of the State security service of the Ministry of foreign Affairs, and Sergey Porukom, Deputy head of Department of technical services.

– Demand for armored doors, security bars on the Windows and expensive locks has increased several times. But all this deters a burglar?

V. Artemenko:

– Yes, people put a surveillance camera, glue on the door sticker of type “Object is under protection”. It may affect Amateur robbers and professional are unlikely to pay attention to that. By the way, the most common trick Ukrainians — dummy camera sposterezhennya. Today it is very difficult to distinguish from the real thing, and they are several times cheaper.

S. Kforum:

— A lot of creative owners, using Internet, got the phone so-called security programs that respond to any opening of the door, automatically sending an SMS message to the owner. Also growing in popularity are so-called Autonomous signaling. They cost on average from $ 60. In all these technical know-how, there is one drawback — if a burglar has opened your apartment, the chances to rescue their savings are minimal, because the owner, or the police can just
not be able to arrive before the thieves leave your home. And professional thieves know what to look for in a particular apartment, just a few minutes to find jewels and money.

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– Does cache the Ukrainians are the same?

V. Artemenko:

— The most common places where people keep money-boxes with clothes, books in the cupboard in cukierniczych and teapots, under the mattresses, and often do hiding places under the bed and in the toilet tank. Many people make the mistake when they think that on the balcony or in the closet, the robbers would not find it. Also often the hostess
put money in banks with cereals, but they are also easy to find. Lately people hide their savings under the flooring, but also flooring, acts, — this is the first bell in order to look at it. Finally, under carpets also look, like under the tables, under the machine, and paintings.

S. Kforum:

– I would advise people less to brag about their salaries and expensive purchases. Robbers often carried out of the apartment, the money, jewelry and phones and computers. Very often a parent about a large salary to say children in schools.

– Where would you advise to store savings?

V. Artemenko:

– Today a very popular furniture made to order. At the request of the owner, for a fee, to make his mini safe. For example, often make the sofa or hiding in a locker — a double wall, which only you know. And it can only be opened with a sharp object. Also a good investment in your own security service, but the professionals have all order to open them. And “the burglar” will be much harder to do it.

S. Kforum:

— For an absolute guarantee of safety housing I would advise you to establish a centralized alarm system. Today it will cost you about five thousand hryvnia. And the monthly fee is 110 USD. The convenience of it is that after the burglary outfit will arrive in 3-5 minutes.

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